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Attracting the Best Candidates

Audience: Directors, managers, supervisors, human resources librarians

Goal: Participants profile job descriptions and write ads which improve candidate pools.

Description: How many excellent candidates respond to your job ads? How many mediocre ones? Would you like a tool to increase the number of good candidates and avoid those who aren't a match? Wouldn't you like a way to hire people who are motivated to perform?

The Language and Behavior (LAB) Profile is the tool to do this. First you'll learn to analyze the motivation and working traits demanded by a position. Then you'll get the specific language to use to attract best-fit candidates and simultaneously not attract unsuited ones. It's a better way to find the best people for a job.


. Learn how to see language patterns, behavior patterns, and their relationship with each other
. Identify motivation triggers and working traits
. Analyze the work culture and environment
. Assess the purpose, tasks and responsibilities of jobs and find the underlying behavior patterns
. Write effective job advertisements using influencing language to attract good candidates


Mary Devlin
Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 971-269-6569