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One Hundred Percent Communication

Audience: Everyone who works with other people

Goal: Participants develop more effective communication skills as both speakers and listeners.

Description: The main cause of problems and contention -- both at work and at home -- comes from faulty or incomplete communication. We think that we've communicated effectively, only to find out that what we thought we said wasn't what the other person got hold of at all.

Did you know that words make up only 7% of our communication? The other 93% is non-verbal. This includes physiology -- body posture and gestures -- and vocal qualities like tone, timbre and volume. Wouldn't it be helpful to see how this other 93% really works and get a feel for what a difference using your physiology and voice purposefully makes?


. Increase the level of understanding you reach with others
. Develop flexibility and clarity in your language
. Gain insight into the way others think and react
. Notice your habitual speech patterns and choose when to use them
. Recognize and tap into non-verbal communication
. Learn to develop rapport with others within seconds
. Align your words, voice and physiology for powerful communication


Mary Devlin
Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 971-269-6569