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Enhance Your Performance: Using Myers-Briggs at Work

Audience: Management teams, managers, supervisors, teams, work groups

Goal: Participants determine their best-fit Myers-Briggs Type and learn to use Type to communicate more effectively and to manage themselves and others during change.

Description: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a valuable tool in many situations. Perhaps your work involves managing people; working with clients and customers or students and faculty; or participating on a team. Possibly you've noticed how easily you get along with some people and that it's more difficult to find common ground and communicate effectively with others. Maybe you've felt how differently people react to change, even positive change, and wanted to make changes go more smoothly. Or perhaps you've tuned into the times you've acted in ways that were unlike yourself, and wondered how to bounce back quickly. If any of this sounds familiar, this workshop is for you.

People who have used the MBTI know what a difference it can make in their ability to work well with others. A first step is ascertaining your own Type and evaluating its associated strengths and challenges. The second is discovering how to get a perspective on others' Types and what that means for your effectiveness, and theirs, and how you work together. Learn how to apply Type in different situations to enhance your performance and that of your staff.


. Understand the basis of the MBTI and determine best-fit Type
. Assess one's personal response to change using the MBTI
. Learn specific language to support people during change
. Expand communications skills and style to reach understanding more easily
. Discover how Type affects response to stress and how to recover quickly


Mary Devlin
Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 971-269-6569