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The Secret to Saying "No"

Audience: People in public service positions, everyone who works with others.

Goal: Participants learn techniques to convey information so that it is more likely to be accepted by another.

Description: Saying "no" to a client or customer is hard for many of us to do. When budgets and services are being cut, when the workload is heavy and there is high demand for assistance or materials, sometimes the answer has to be "no." It is crucial to have the skill to do this in a way that leads people to accept that answer. And to have everyone feeling all right about that.

"The Secret to Saying 'No'" teaches specific skills both to defuse difficult situations and even better, to prevent those situations from occurring. The focus is first on how to manage oneself in potentially difficult situations. Then participants practice explicit communication skills -- things to do and say -- that work in any context. Using these skills ensures their message is received and accepted, even when the content may not be what the listener wants to hear. Best of all, participants feel empowered and able to handle what before had been difficult interactions.


. Beliefs about yourself and others that assist effective communication
. Staying resourceful and positive - because what you expect becomes what you get
. Developing personal flexibility to reach the outcome you want
. Building immediate rapport - the key to understanding and influence
. Non-verbal behavior - specific ways to add to the effectiveness and acceptance of your message
. Specific words to use and those to avoid - and why
. How to use others' language so they feel understood


Mary Devlin
Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 971-269-6569