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Words that Change Minds™

Audience: Managers, supervisors, team leaders, work teams, everyone who works with other people

Goal: Participants identify motivational triggers in themselves and others and learn how to predict and motivate behavior.

Description: What if you had a tool you could use to help take the pain out of implementing organizational change, improve negotiating results, simplify employee coaching, and create high performance teams by managing to people's strengths. Imagine what you could accomplish by identifying motivational triggers from everyday conversation.

Based on years of study and work with people and organizations, the Language and Behavior (LAB) Profile provides the framework to understand people and their behavior. You will learn to see what will stimulate and maintain someone's motivation and conversely, what will turn them off. Get a handle on how to specifically match your language and processes to theirs to spark their interest and enthusiasm.


. Learn how to use the Language and Behavior (LAB) Profile as a formal survey and in conversation
. Identify your own and others' motivation triggers and working traits
. Predict behavior based on linguistic clues
. Improve people management skills
. Establish deep levels of rapport and communicate effectively with anyone


Mary Devlin
Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 971-269-6569