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Photo taken by Wm Leler at PCDC (Portland Country Dance Community) Suttle Lake 2000

Mary Devlin's infectious spirit of joy and fun makes her one of the Northwest's favorite callers for both contras and English country dance. And, she's a favorite around the country!

Mary calls dances that emphasize great connections -- "feel good" dances --

"I love to call dances that propel dancers into a flow state, in symbiosis with the music and the dance."

New and experienced dancers from coast to coast love Mary's quick and explicit teaching, her clear, crisp calling, and her flowing dances.

Check Mary's calendar for dances she's calling in the Portland-area and around the country.

Invite Mary to call a dance in your area!



Mary Devlin
Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 971-269-6569

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