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Productive Work Relationships

Audience: Management teams, managers, supervisors, team leaders, work teams

Goal: Participants transform personal communications by enhancing their skill with verbal and non-verbal communication and rapport.

Description: Successful people recognize their achievements are linked with their ability to communicate. Their powerful, effective communication is no accident. And yet, it can always be refined even more.

Decide for yourself how productive it will be to develop rapport within seconds with a colleague, staff or faculty member or a potential donor. You can do this by purposefully using your voice and physiology.

Find out how to expand this to a large group and notice the difference. Learn how to listen beyond and beneath the content of what another says. See the possibilities for increased understanding when you intentionally communicate on another level. You will find you not only achieve more of what you want, you can also steer clear of potential pitfalls.

Outcomes: Consider how much more compelling and effective you will be when you can:

. Use non-verbal communication with purpose
. Create rapport with any person or even a whole group
. Gain insight into the way others think and react
. Improve your flexibility with language
. Focus each communication on your desired outcome
. Increase the level of understanding you reach with others
. Align your words, voice, physiology for even more powerful communication


Mary Devlin
Ashland, Oregon
Phone: 971-269-6569